360° Immersive videos and panoramas @ RWCS

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RWCS Photographics work has been developing at breakneck speed lately. You can see from the new image sets that we have been branching out over the last 6 months, firstly we have been shooting large format panoramic images and now we are building a new body of work with 360° Immersive videos and panoramas over the summer of this year.




Cowfold Gallery (9 of 37)Cowfold Gallery (9 of 37)

Sheffield Park Gardens : Uckfield : East SussexSheffield Park Gardens : Uckfield : East SussexNational Trust License : Not available for resale

We also have won new exciting commercial project work with Spherical Videography and panoramas for the Defence industry, so thinsg are really on the move.

360 Immersive  photography / videography involves stitching a series of images together to create an entire 360 sphere that with the right software can be converted into an interactive movie.

It's also possible to link one movie to another in order to create a virtual tour with hot spots and add music, narration, video, text, expandable maps, and animated radars that turn in the direction the movie is pointed.

Facebook and Youtube are now supporting  360° Immersive video mp4 as native format upload so this  is an exciting time to be at work with this leading edge media.

We’ll keep you posted as news on this work develops.

Brighton Street Art & Graffiti 2016

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brighton graffiti 2016-4273brighton graffiti 2016-4273

BRIGHTON STEET ART NEVER STAYS FOR LONG ... http://www.rwcs-photographics.com/brighton-street-art-2016

After the Brighton Festival is good time to see what has changed on the street art scene in Brighton . Very offten paint is dropped as part of the festival [ see the parrot mural above ]  which triggers others to update and change the piecses or regular haunts : Trafalgar Lane is still everchanging  : the regulars are all at work with SNUB's new geometric style in evidence.

SNUB : Trfalgar Lane brighton graffiti 2016-4267SNUB : Trfalgar Lane brighton graffiti 2016-4267

Sometimes, crying shame ...  really good work is overpainted and its not always the case that better work is replaces the old.
Have look through our archives for work dadting back to 2008 on a number of locations : great pieces have no surety or resilience but it all adds to the dynamics of the street art scene.

RWCS Graffiti Archive http://www.rwcs-photographics.com/f216242083

Well 2015 Draws to close ... And what was new at RWCS Photographics ?

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Well 2015 a bit of change year at RWCS .... full of tipping points as I started to pay more attention to the new technology which has been flying around .. having made the expensive investment to move to Nikon in 2009, in 2015 maybe it was time to see and experiment and find out  what the tech landscape was offering up.

First the acquisition of the "go pro" in 2014 .. useful but ultimately frustrating as the camera jiggle on John Davies helicopter meant we really needed to use a very expensive gimbal... so no real benefit to shooting useful video footage on a mobile platform .. useful but not a big thing for me 

Then the story of the EVF Sony Nex 7 .. nice camera to add to the kit and it has been used with a kit lens when the big nikons are just too big to lump around..  The BIG tipping point for use and flexibility was using a GREAT bit of kit ... the metabonexs speedbooster See  http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPNFG-M43-BM3 

This wicked thing has allowed me to use all of my nikon glass on the Sony using the focus peaking feature .. brilliant ... many many times with the Nikon full frame 14 - 24  mm working really well ..... but only really useful for landscapes when lugging a nikon D3X is a no no  but kicks ass as they say 


So SONY mirrorless and the 4/3 rds sensors ( the Nex 7 is now well worn and well used ... good buy  ) but what else from Sony ?  ...
The trigger  the number of times I started to stop and use my mobile phone was another tipping  point .. it got me thinking about how to use the mobile as trigger  and composition device ..  I looked at the Sony QX30 but was not really sold on it  .. then bingo .....  Sony release the QX-1 ..  meaning I can use the metabones adapter. .. nope no focus peaking .. so QX1-Plus the Sony wide angle Sony SEL1018 10-18mm F4 OSS E-mount Wide Zoom Lens as the next kit acquisition  ..... Wow ... that kicked it .... wicked lens ....  and when up on a monopod ... phenomenal pictures .. this is the result  WEST MERSEA-WEST MERSEA-

And then I started to use it in concert venues with other stock sony lenses ... BOOM ... suddenly this 250 pound lens camera starts to get pictures when I have never succeeded...  until now ... with the low light iso capacity and its discreet  size .... Now  means it is now in "my always carry kit " bag ... and  just look at these examples..... all hand held and composed on the mobile phone !


RWCS_Joe Bonamassa brighton 2015--2RWCS_Joe Bonamassa brighton 2015--2 and then at at least 3 others the latest being Status Quo 


So my Sony adventures have really changed the capture pattern ... with good pictures  now flying off a Motorala LG4 connected to the qx1 most of the time . The Nikons still get used but now only when I need the big stuff speed and precision or ultimate control  ..

so come on Nikon give me a mirrorless full frame to use my all f lenses on before I run off and by a Sony A7R II as well  ....  


Ros Daly retires as Postmistress Cowfold

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Cowfold Post Office Closes & Postmistress Ros Daly retires after 27 years at the centre of Cowfold village hub.

Sadly the post office at Cowfold run by Ros & Craig Daly is now closing due to Ros’s retirement on Friday 7th August. Over 50 Cowfold villagers gathered to wish her well and present a collection of over £860 pounds raised by customers and friends. They also presented a bottle of vintage champagne, cut a celebratory “Post Office” cake, to mark the passing of a considerable piece of Cowfold village life which has served the local community since 1988.

Overpainting ... Great Graffiti ruined and the law of the Street Art Jungle

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Overpainting  ... Great Graffiti ruined and the law of the Street Art Jungle 

Sometimes it is a just a good thing for change and then it's a wanton act of jealousy and mindless vandalism. Even established works by MISHA are just screwed by the "NOOBS"   ... by the NOOBS who have no real idea  ..   judge for yourself !

brighton graffiti 2015-1brighton graffiti 2015-1

As some may know we document & record  Graffiti in Brighton  [ and elsewhere ] but yesterday its was shock to see good work ruined by noobs and then also some stupid taggers who  just vandalise good work .

If you belong to the old Heavy Artillery Crew and are local "street art names" like SNUB  AROE  MSK GARY   ... you might be safe but if you come and paint in Brighton .... [ its the same elsewhere ? ]...  you stand little chance sometimes of your work lasting more than a few weeks. The awesome" THATCHINATOR " lasted just two weeks in 2013...  

In  July I was watching and chatting with Nathan Evans just two weeks ago as he worked on a quick piece of work .. which has now been needlessly ruined by taggers and poor work ..

brighton graffiti 2015-2brighton graffiti 2015-2

Sometimes [PHEW] you can see crews working thoughtfully and some of the good artists are alive to "cool" changes  but the idiot taggers needs help and guidance ... or shooting

Nice example here from TRAFALGAR LANE .... 

brighton graffiti 2015-brighton graffiti 2015-  

Let's see how long this one stays [see below] and if the local " tag noobs"  repect good work

brighton graffiti 2015-3brighton graffiti 2015-3  



Wall Art Canvas Pictures : Thoughts and Musings

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More Big Prints onto the wall ... 

Fact : Putting photos on Instagram and Facebook may lead to a bounty of comments and likes from friends, but let’s be honest, you can’t frame a photo on your computer and meticulously place it on the wall.

Sometimes you want a physical copy of photographic endeavor – especially if you’re shooting with a high-end cameras. RWCS Photographics have specialised in large format printing for photos that need a little extra space. Our Large canvas print blocks are perfect for high-resolution photos, corporate installations or simply filling that two-storey loft wall you’ve had trouble decorating.

Just that situation happened with one of our customers Tony Burnett  who also sourced a custom image from RWCS Picture Stock . He had specific requirements for personalising the image from Brighton [ Brighton-Brighton- ] and then having it printed to a custom size  ..  4.5 ft by 1 ft. . We also were able to give Tony a new large format product which features a canvas “ Crystalline Canvas from Breathing Color UK  and our high resolution canvas glued picture block .

Crystalline is an OBA free fine art inkjet canvas available in both Satin and Gloss finishes that looks amazing straight off the machine; incredible detail, stunning colour and rich dark blacks. The finished result was a real surprise and he was quote “knocked over” by the quality.

rwcs PRINT -4rwcs PRINT -4

So have think and take a bit of a step back when you see “THAT IMAGE” : it might just be time to get a “knock out” big picture onto your wall. 



New RWCS Archives & Collections break cover ...

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New Collections and Image Archives for 2015

The digital collection at RWCS dates back to 2001 and the old Film stock wanders back to 1976 :  So now it transpires that many of these photographs and digital images are a great archival source of  Screen print re-work and a very interesting source of unique /intruiging patterns shapes and textures.

So as these two, new for 2015, collections are published, they will continue to grow from us sifting thru' and reproducing those photographs we think merit publication, and then we'll keep all informed as the work progresses.

First up : Screen Print Collection http://www.rwcs-photographics.com/rwcsscreenprint

These are a series of new " screen print styles" images ready for wide format printing, each available to order and browse on the RWCS website  each one has a different screen process applied, each being dependent on the image and then collectively will form an eclectic mix of images for our customers to browse and view.

See below as an example of the changes to a SCREEN PRINT : Whitstable Harbour



Second up : Texture , Pattern and Surface Collection http://www.rwcs-photographics.com/texture_pattern_swatch

These are a series of "Image Swatches " as a series of random texture/ pattern all in in square proportion, each viewable to browse again on on the RWCS website,  each one is an abstracted  high resolution digital image , as an eclectic source of images for our customers to browse and view and buy / download.

See below as an example of the changes to a TEXTURE : SURFACE : PATTERN SWATCH  :




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