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101 photos Brighton Street Art & Graffiti We have always been watching the graffiti in the street as it changes & morphs over time in Brighton. This year we are looking in more detail at the work and the artists around the city and the stories behind the work.

Some of the crews and artists have been around the scene for many years with newbies also showing their hands. We look for particular striking work and apply an image abstraction process which designed to really emphasize the quality of the painting artwork which is often ignored by the majority.

Its really the artwork which is the story here and we work hard try and tell / show the merit of each of the talented creative individuals who practice their art around Brighton

see here for a finished example http:/​/​www.​rwcs-​photographics.​com/​brighton-​street-​art/​hcc37a00#​hcc37a00

our Street Archive is here at this link
brighton graffiti 2016-brighton graffiti 2016-4420SNUB : Trfalgar Lane brighton graffiti 2016-4266SNUB : Trfalgar Lane brighton graffiti 2016-4267SNUB : Trfalgar Lane brighton graffiti 2016-4268AROE : HA : MSK : brighton graffiti 2016-4269brighton graffiti 2016-4270brighton graffiti 2016-4271brighton graffiti 2016-4273brighton graffiti 2016-4274brighton graffiti 2016-4276brighton graffiti 2016-4275brighton graffiti 2016-4278brighton graffiti 2016-4279brighton graffiti 2016-4280brighton graffiti 2016-4286brighton graffiti 2016-4287brighton graffiti 2016-4288brighton graffiti 2016-4293brighton graffiti 2016-4294

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