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The world-famous Brighton Speed Trials. It started in 1905 so its been going over 100 years - this makes it the longest-running motorsport event in the world!

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Brighton Speed Trials GalleryBrighton Speed Trials  2009FTD of the daySeptember 1210.jpg_DSC2058.JPG_DSC2060.JPG_DSC2062.JPG_DSC2063.JPG_DSC2064.JPGAC Cobra smokes a burnoutCobra Start Line 2009Nic Manser Chevy Corvette #13Dick Howsett Mini Turbo # 23James Fletcher : Ford Mustang # 98111 Nadine Geary Viper GTS_DSC1091.JPG_DSC1100.JPG_DSC1219.JPG20090912-_DSC1205.jpgRWCS _Brighton ST #38 2009-1-2.jpg

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