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BST 2014 event : The world-famous Brighton Speed Trials. The event is currently run as a quarter mile sprint for both cars and motorcycles, held under the auspices of the Motor Sports Association. The event is organised by the Brighton and Hove Motor Club, with the Sprint Section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club :

RWCS Photographs of most of the entries are in the sections in the light-box: Image sets are always being uploaded over the next couple of weeks : so come back to check we have a stock of 2000+ from the event : If you don't see your car or bike vehicle your interested then please email [email protected] or call Rob on 07768900333 : Prints from online Format are for sale on this site or ring for custom large high quality wide format options : in print media or canvas 24 x 36 or bigger if required

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Pathe news : Brighton Speed Trials 1932 The trials started in 1905, so its been going over 100 years - this makes it the longest-running motorsport event in the world!. It was cancelled after the 2012 tragedy : last year but after a huge effort and mass petition the council finally agreed to let it run. Great job BHMC >>> TJ particularly
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