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Well I think it's summer but at Goodwood 2012 you'd think it was Easter!

After the success of Crystal Palace, it was Goodwood Festival of Speed time for Saturday 30th June : This years RWCS activity for Goodwood was back to the old school and RALLY focussed. I had been invited to spend the Saturday with the KICK RALLY Steve Perez Team, < Steve was 2010 BTRDA Champion > : with Paul Spooner, a fellow Welshman and a lifelong friend. Paul is Steve P's regular co-driver / Navigator and over the last 5 years has competed in many rallies with Steve all over the globe. He was my first navigator on the Tour of Eppynt rally < our 1st proper rally > some 30 years ago in my Mini Cooper Clubman 1430 S , another long story , and yes we did finish, just .....

see Gallery Montage here

Indeed it was Paul's rally contacts which enabled me to be co-driver for a stage run in LAR 800P Roger Clark's Cossack Escort with its owner Andrew Siddall : I really enjoyed the run with Andy, who gave me proper " let's have a go shall we" run through the twisting and technical rally stage designed by Hannu Mikkola, with me "Grinning'" all the way through the stage.

RS 1800 Cossack Car Link

The last time I saw this car I was as a mere 17 year old spectator at the 1975 Lombard RAC Rally in Hafren and then it just got better, I turned around and there standing next to me was Hannu Mikkola himself. Steve P has one of the 2 remaining original short wheel base Audi Quattro, so for Paul his day was made as he partnered Hannu in the Perez Audi Quattro Sport around the rally stage

So it all become one of those " Just a great day" situations < bucket list stuff really> and with access to the top paddock where we had prime spot to watch all the fun and games as the cars came up the hill from the main arenas and paddock. : Seb Vettel doing a donut burnout 15 ft from where Paul and I were standing .. Amazing ..... see here RED BULL DONUT burnout. and also chatted with Jensen Button , Alain Prost , John Surtees and Sammy Miller. Name dropper .. well I couldn't resist that for once.

So a day I'll not forget for a very long time
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