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The print work featured in this gallery, originates from three crews [ HeavyArtillery, 101 Crew & Rarekind ]and is some of the very best you can see inBrighton, often lost or painted over. Each of the crews and individual membersoperate on an international basis with significant street status and worldwidereputations.

The photographic prints were made from photographs taken in June 2009. Each print is a cropped and recomposed image which lifts and re-represents the original street graffiti. It transforms it into condensed
high resolution images of the Street art , often resulting in totally different visual perceptions of the original compositions .

The prints in some way present a tribute to the colourful and extraordinary art work of the graffiti crews, whose work is often wrongly confused with other random irresponsible paint vandalism.

The intent of the RWCS photographic re-representation is to properly record, celebrate and confirm the staggering creativity of the crews and portray their work in a much more consumable manner.
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