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Built in 1841, the Ouse Valley Viaduct (also called Balcombe Viaduct) over the River Ouse on the London-Brighton Railway Line north of Haywards Heath and south of Balcombe is 1,475 feet (450 m) long, 96 feet (29 m) high and is carried on 37 semi-circular arches with pierced piers.
An extremely elegant railway viaduct that carries the London to Brighton main line over the River Ouse. It was designed by engineer John Urpeth Rastrick in association with the architect of the London to Brighton railway, David Mocatta. Construction completed 1842. The 11 million bricks needed for its construction travelled up the Ouse River (via Newhaven and Lewes) from Holland. It was restored in 1996. The structure is a Grade II listed building. The viaduct is still used, with around 110 trains a day passing over it on the Brighton Main Line. The viaduct's arches are semi-circular and constructed in red brick. Each spans 37ft. The piers are tapered both side and end-on and divided in two by 10ft wide weight-saving voids, which are capped by six-ring brick arches. Thus the whole has a slender appearance.

The parapets of Caen stone and take the form of classical balustrading. This stone is also used for string courses, pier caps and the two small italianate pavilions set at each end of the bridge. At its highest point, the bridge is 96ft above the river
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